Brats and Zucchini Fries

In addition to growing vegetables, my CSA farmer raises pigs, chickens, and lambs at the farm.  They offer eggs for sale by the dozen along with packages of butchered meats.   I have been trying one item a week and this week I picked up their brats.


They were good, but they lacked any depth of flavor.   I really think they need to adjust the spices and will certainly let them know when I see them next week.   I used one of the heads of lettuce, a radish, a scallion, a cucumber from my garden, and a store-bought tomato in making a salad to go alongside the brats.

salad fixin's salad

I have been craving zucchini fries for the past two weeks, and last night I finally gave in and made some.

zucchini fries

I set up a breading station, one bowl had two beaten eggs, the other filled with panko bread crumbs, freshly ground pepper and a bit of grated parmesan cheese.   I cut the zucchini into batons and breaded them before tossing them in the deep fryer.   Once they came out, I grated a bit more cheese over the top, because everything is better with more cheese!   Originally, I was only going to make zucchini fries, but once the hubby saw the deep fryer come out, he wanted french fries, so we ended up with both.  I can’t say that it made me unhappy, goodness knows, homemade french fries are AWESOME!

basket of fries

I used up quite a few dishes making dinner tonight, good thing the hubby is on dish duty!

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