Turnips in a Mustard Glaze

I am always happy to find a new side dish to go along side our proteins at dinner.  We had some turnips in our CSA box this past week and I searched the internet to find something new and different to do with them.  I came  across this recipe for Turnips in Mustard Sauce that I thought would be perfect alongside some thick cut grilled pork chops.   I was SOOOOO right about that!

sauteed turnips mustard glazed turnips

It was super simple to put together.  All I had to do was peel the turnips and brown them in a bit of olive oil.  You add stock (I used chicken because it was what I had on hand) and cover the turnips, cooking them until tender.   You remove the turnips from the stock, combine the mustard and some corn starch.  You whisk that into the stock and allow it to cook.  I added the turnips back in to coat them and make sure they were heated through and served them alongside some grilled zucchini and grilled thick center cut pork chops.  YUM, really awesome dinner and I can’t wait to try this recipe again soon.   Hopefully we will have more turnips in our CSA this week!

pork chop dinner

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