Chicken Fajita’s

As you can see, we are on a definite zucchini kick around here.   The hubby was home all week, we have been working on a few painting projects so I wanted an easy dinner that could be thrown together in a flash.

chx fajita

Before leaving for work, I marinated three boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a garlic citrus marinade and sliced up a bunch of vegetables.  I used a variety of sweet peppers – green, yellow, and red and a couple of white onions.   I also sliced up a zucchini, because goodness knows we have boatloads coming out of the garden right now.

After getting home and working on slapping color on the walls for a bit, we finally turned on the grill. The hubby grilled off the chicken while I sautéed the vegetables.  I spiced them using Penzey’s Spice Company’s Arizona seasoning blend.  It was perfect, spicy without being overly hot.

After the chicken rested, I sliced it into strips and served it alongside the vegetables.   All I had to do was add some jarred salsa, a bit of shredded cheese and a dollop of sour cream.   I made a batch of black bean Goya rice as our side and we dug in.  It was a really flavorful, yet light meal, a perfect ending to a busy week night!

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