CSA 2015, Week 5

CSA 2015, Week 5

Each week  our CSA share gets bigger and bigger.  This weeks share included:


Green Onions



Yellow Squash



Rainbow Chard

Head Lettuce



I had heard of purslane but it wasn’t an herb (well, a weed, if we are being honests!) I had cooked with before.  I was surprised to learn that it is one of the best plant based sources of Omega 3 Fatty Acids.  I intend on making a salad with it, the head lettuce and frisee.

I used the cucumbers and parsley to make my Mom’s cucumber salad, which I took to our neighbor’s 4th of July BBQ.   I will braise the kale and chard with some garlic and I am making a batch of coleslaw with the head of cabbage.   I am sure we will be grilling up some zucchini from the garden this week, so I will add the yellow squash to the mix for a bit of color.   I am really happy with how the CSA is shaping up this year.   It is always exciting to see what is going to be offered each week and I love the challenge of using ingredients that I might not be as familiar with, keeps things interesting!

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