Oh Look….More Zucchini…..

I baked four more loaves of zucchini  bread and gave every last one of them away!  I took a loaf to my great-aunt, one to the office, one to the neighbors next door, and one to my friend Cat.   The poor girl deserved a loaf of bread and so much more.  She had a small accident involving hedge trimmers and will be having surgery to repair the damage next week.  You can read all about it (and view some lovely pictures of her stitches HERE, if you are interested)

zucchini bread

I picked eight more zucchini from the garden tonight for goodness sakes!  I did talk a few of my co workers into take some of them off my hands, I love knowing they will be going to a loving home to be eaten by someone other than me.  I really do love zucchini, but right now, I could use a break from the little green suckers.  If anyone has any interesting recipes for zucchini, I am all ears.

5 thoughts on “Oh Look….More Zucchini…..

  1. HI HON, I read your blog, & I felt so old being a great Aunt , do you think I could just be your Aunt Helen, just kidding. Any time you want to make more Zucchini Bread I will gladly eat it. Thank you so much you are special to me. Love Aunt Helen

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