CSA 2015, Week 7

Summer produce is coming in fast and furious, from my CSA farmer and my garden!

CSA 2015, week 7

Green  Beans


Green Pepper

Rainbow Chard

Heads of Lettuce










I have quite a few pickling cucumbers from my garden so I made a small batch of garlic dill pickles, with the leftover brine, I pickled the jalapeno’s from this week’s CSA.    I can’t wait to make a batch of cucumber dill soup with the cukes this week.  I am going to take it for lunch one day since the hubby is not a fan of cucumbers.   As for the zucchini and eggplant, I used those on a grilled veggie platter that we took to a neighborhood party this past weekend.   My plan is to make a batch of fermented sauerkraut with the cabbage.  The rest of the veggies will be used in various dinners over the course of the week.

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