Steak and Potatoes

I will freely admit, I am a girl who likes red meat, yes, I know it isn’t the healthiest choice out there, but I have to say, I do love a really great steak.   Normally, we don’t eat a lot of steak in the summer, it is just too hot out for that heavy of a protein, but the temperatures were rather moderate the end of last week so I figured it was a good night for beef.


I picked up two filets from the local grocery store and baked some potatoes.   We had grilled zucchini with dinner (surprise!).  I have plans for the rest of the zucchini that we picked from the garden this week, mostly shredding and freezing it, because I have to tell you, I am a little tired of zucchini right about now!

7.19.15 023

As you can see, I have lots more zucchini on the way.  I am going to be known as the crazy zucchini lady soon.  If you live close, be warned, I am about ready to start leaving zucchini on my front porch with a sign that says “free to a good home”! I can’t really complain, I love fresh produce and I really enjoy zucchini, maybe not this much zucchini, but I do love trying my hand at new recipes.  There are certainly worst things in the world than an over abundance of fresh vegetables!

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