Pork Chops and Glazed Carrots

I was thrilled to find carrots in our CSA this week, I was looking forward to eating a vegetable that wasn’t green!

chops and carrots

I steamed the carrots then tossed them with a little butter and brown sugar.   I picked up some bone in pork chops from the local grocery store and we had a nice big tossed salad to round out the meal.  The hubby is a huge fan of cooked carrots, I don’t think he even realized we didn’t have a starch with dinner.


The salad consisted of red leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots from our CSA.  I added some sliced pepperoncini and some blue cheese crumbles to my salad.  The hubby likes his to be a bit more boring, he just had the greens and some croutons with a ton of ranch dressing.   I didn’t even use dressing, the vinegar from the pepperoncini and the creaminess of the blue cheese crumbles was all the flavor I needed.  It was a really light dinner, perfect for a hot and steamy mid summer evening!

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