Zucchini cookies, zucchini bread, grilled zucchini, zucchini marmalade…..

I am starting to have zucchini nightmares – it was all a bit overwhelming this weekend, but I managed to power through and make a bunch of different things with zucchini.

First up, we were invited to our neighbors to celebrate a milestone birthday.  When I asked what I could  bring, I was told, whatever made me happy.   So, in an effort to use up some of the produce in my fridge AND make something healthy, I settled on a veggie and cheese platter.  To make it more fun, I grilled up some yellow squash and eggplant from our CSA and some zucchini from our garden.  I marinated the vegetables in a red wine vinaigrette so they had even more flavor.

grilled veggie platter

I grilled some yellow peppers and asparagus from the store and picked up a mixed container of cherry tomatoes.   I added a bowl of marcona almonds and three different styles of cheese.  I went with a mild blue cheese, a creamy goat, and a tangy, salty grana panda.   I put baskets with different styles of crackers alongside.  Everyone was thrilled with the dish, it wasn’t your typical veggie platter, the marinade and grilling really made a wonderful difference.  I will certainly  be making this again!

On Sunday, I made several batches of zucchini  bread……again……and gave it all away, whoo hooo!   I made some zucchini lemon cookies – a recipe from my Mom that I haven’t made in years.

zucchini cookies with lemon glaze

You add lemon zest to the cookies and while they are still warm, you glaze them using a mixture of lemon juice and confectioner sugar.  The hubby was a bit skeptical of the cookies, but once he tried them, he was a changed  man.   I think he ate half the batch on Sunday afternoon!

Since I had more zucchini, I turned to my canning books and found a recipe for a lemon, ginger, zucchini marmalade.  There is a half cup of grated ginger in a batch that yields 4 1/2 cups so it has a nice amount of bite to it.    I have plans for my four and a half jars, and yes, it involves some of my closest friends and family…..you are welcome and if you like it, we can certainly make another batch.

zucchini marmalade

I was able to foster several zucchini off on the neighbors and the rest I shredded and froze for use at a later date.  Not a bad way to use up 17 zucchini!

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