Zucchini Cookies – 2 Ways

For years, my Mother would make us lemon zucchini cookies with a lemon glaze.  It is a recipe I hadn’t made for a while but while searching for ways to use up the glutton of zucchini from my garden I came across it and made a batch last weekend.   The same day I made them, my neighbor posted a recipe for zucchini cookies on my Facebook page, telling me she would love to try them if I had more zucchini.    Well needless to say, I still have TONS of zucchini so I decided to make both recipes and let her decide which one was better.

zucchini cookies

The little girls next door wanted in on the action, so Saturday morning we started baking bright and early.   My Mom’s cookies are very light and have a nice bite of lemon.  The other’s are more cake than cookie and you frost them with a vanilla butter cream.

7.25.15 016

Both of them were very good, it really does depend on what you are in the mood for, I prefer my Mom’s but I think that is because I am not a fan of overly sweet things, the cake style cookies are definitely sweeter plus you have the frosting, which ups the sugar factor.   My neighbor liked the lemon cookies, as you can imagine, the girls preferred the frosted ones!  All in all it was a fun morning in the kitchen.  We also whipped up four loaves of zucchini bread.  This time they successfully lobbied for chocolate chips in the batter.   My kitchen was a disaster, we had flour and sugar all over the floor, but I think they had a ball.

They took their share of the cookies to a family party and from what I understand, they were given rave reviews on their cookie making prowess.   The recipe we used for the cake style cookies is from the Chef in Training Blog and can be found here.   I saved the recipe and will certainly be making them again in the future!

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