Pickle Relish

I planted pickling cucumbers in my garden again this year and the yield has been OK, not great, but decent.  I was able to make two batches of garlic dill pickles and one batch of pickle relish.   We are not a house of hot dog eaters, so the relish I made usually ends up in tuna salad throughout the year.

7.26.15 003

Unlike pickles, relish takes a bit more effort at the very start, but once you mince all of the vegetables, it really easy.   You start by brining the vegetables overnight, then rinsing, then adding a vinegar/spice mixture and letting it sit for a couple of hours and finally bringing the entire thing to a boil and packing it into hot jars and finishing it off in a water bath,   The steps themselves don’t take any time at all, but the entire process takes two days to complete.

To me, it is worth it.  I like knowing we are eating foods that I grew and then canned myself.  I know all of the ingredients that go into my food and I can pronounce all of them.   I like knowing we are extending the summer season all year long by having a pantry full of homemade canned goods!

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