Grilled Chicken

chx and rice

Doesn’t this plate look lovely?  I am so happy with all of the colors.  Summer ROCKS!  The zucchini is from my garden, the cherry tomatoes are from my CSA, the rice and chicken came from the store.  I marinated the chicken in Italian dressing, tossed the zucchini with olive oil, salt and pepper, and the cherry tomatoes needed nothing but a quick rinse.

For awhile there I was getting so tired of zucchini, but now, it just feels weird to have a meal without that lovely green squash on my plate.  I think I have officially gone off the deep end when it comes to zucchini.  I picked another five last night, can’t wait to try to use them up in the next few days, we have more growing. I will never, ever complain again about the yield from my garden.  Happy Summer!

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