Pork Chops and Slaw

I used several of the small heads of cabbage and a handful of carrots from our CSA to make coleslaw for dinner the other night.  It was exactly what we needed on a hot summer night, a cool, refreshing salad to accompany the bone in grilled pork chops.


I peeled a few potatoes, tossed them with olive oil and some Montreal steak seasoning and cooked them in a pan on the grill.  Once they were almost done, the hubby added the pork chops and I pulled the coleslaw from the fridge.  I added a bowl of diced tomatoes with basil, both from my garden, to my plate.  Tomatoes are not something the hubby will eat, weird, I know, but it means more for me!

tomatoes and basil

All I needed was a little salt and pepper, no olive oil or vinegar needed.  It was perfect.  I find really fresh ingredients don’t really need a lot of fuss, and for me, summer is all about no fuss.   Easy, relaxing, warm, sunshine – that is what I require from my summer!

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