Chicken and Roasted New Potatoes

I just love when I can make an entire meal on the grill, especially on days when the temperatures reach into the 90’s with over 80% humidity.   I like keeping the house cool so when I go to bed, I can actually sleep!   I bought a store-bought bottle of marinade and added it to the boneless, skinless chicken breasts before leaving for work.  I had picked up a bag of assorted potatoes, red bliss, Yukon gold, and purple.   All they needed was a brisk scrubbing and to be tossed with oil and spices.

chx an pots

I had to stop at the store on my way home so I picked up a small loaf of rosemary bread to accompany dinner.   That and a salad was all we needed!  This is a picture of the hubby’s plate.  I opted to eat the bread over the potatoes, so my plate was chicken and bread plus this salad….


I used the lettuce and tomatoes from our CSA and some jarred olives and pickled peppers.  I topped the entire thing with some blue cheese crumbles and sprinkled it with a little brine from the peppers, no dressing needed!

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