Good for you Greens

I hadn’t quite gotten around to using the rainbow chard from last week’s CSA and this week, there was more in our bag.  I wanted to make sure we used it up, so I quickly sautéed it with some diced onion and a boatload of garlic for our dinner.

greenspork and pierogi

I had pulled out a batch of homemade pierogi from the freezer as our side dish and marinated two bone in pork chops for dinner.  While I was cooking the greens and pierogi inside, the hubby was grilling the pork for me.   We sat down to a lovely dinner, outside on the deck.  The rains had come through and really lowered the humidity, thank goodness, and there was a gentle breeze blowing.  It was a wonderful summer night.  The little girls next door came over and spotted the chocolate zucchini cake.  They were debating the merits of eating a piece at my house or having ice cream at their house.  I did them one better by cutting the cake and giving them half.  I told them they should try to get their Mom to agree to a small slice of cake and a small scoop of ice cream.  I will have to wait until this afternoon to see if they were successful in their bid for two desserts!

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