Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Whenever I have a huge batch of tomatoes, I simply cut them in half, lay them cut side down in a baking dish and drizzle a bit of olive oil on them.   I slowly roast them in the oven, sometimes adding herbs and garlic, sometimes just roasting the tomatoes plain.  It is super easy way to use up a bunch of tomatoes in a short amount of time.  Besides, I hate canning tomato sauce, I don’t like adding the required amount of lemon juice to get the right level of acid, I would much rather roast the tomatoes to bring out their sweetness, then skin and freeze them for use later in the year.

Anyway, for this batch, I added several sprigs of fresh thyme from the garden and one whole head of garlic.  I cook the tomatoes at 350 degrees for about an hour, until the skins are starting to brown.  I let them cool enough to pull the skin from the tomatoes, I discard the thyme stems, and I put them in a container to freeze.  I didn’t add the garlic to the tomatoes this time.  I simply squeezed it from its papery shell and froze that separately.  I have a recipe for spaghetti with garlic three ways, and one of the ways is roasted garlic, so I will be making that recipe in the near future!

oven roasted toms

It is a great way to preserve your tomatoes when your garden is into over drive and it means that one night in the fall when I am craving chili, the tomatoes from my garden are already roasted and ready to be turned into a lovely autumn meal.  I love extending the summer season by preserving the harvest, plus I am able to control what we are eating, no ingredients I can’t pronounce, which is really the way I prefer to eat.  I want to be in control of what goes in my body and having frozen and/or canned items in the house means I know exactly what I am eating.

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