Bacon Wrapped Pork with Mac and Cheese

I came home the other night craving macaroni and cheese.   I have no idea what came over me, but I just KNEW I had to have it for dinner.  I stopped and picked up a pork tenderloin from the store.  I found one that was completely wrapped in bacon and figured, what the heck, I am already blowing my diet straight to hell in hand basket, might was well have bacon too!

bacon wrapped pork

I will have you know, this was a picture of the hubby’s plate, I was a bit more conservative in my helping of mac and cheese, but not by much!  I started by searing the pork in a cast iron skillet before moving it to the grill to finish cooking.   While that was slowly roasting on the grill, I made a quick batch of mac and cheese.  I keep it simple, I heat up some milk and add a boatload of cheese then toss it with some cooked macaroni and bake it until bubbly.     I really did consider making a smaller batch, in an effort to keep me from eating it for the next three days, but in the end, I made a full 13 x 9 pan.

Thank goodness four of the little girls in the neighborhood stopped by just as we sat down to dinner.  They wanted to know if I would give them a bowl of ketchup (they were making a music video and needed the ketchup to simulate blood……I didn’t ask, I was just thrilled to see them being creative!) anyway, after providing them with the bowl of ketchup, I asked if any of them wanted some mac and cheese and got a resounding YES from all four.  By the time they were done eating, we only had a small scoop left, which the hubby packed up with the remaining zucchini and pork for his lunch the next day.  My waistline was thrilled that I wouldn’t be tempted by a pan of oooey, gooey, cheesy goodness, calling my name from the depths of the fridge and the kids were happy to have mac and cheese!  To be fair, I did ask if they wanted pork and/or zucchini as well, they all said no to the pork and a hearty, heck no to the zucchini, I can’t seem to get them to eat it unless it is in cake, bread, cookies….well….you get the picture.  I guess if there is enough sugar involved, even vegetables are worth eating when you are six years old.

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