Pickled Red Beets

I have been saving the red beets we get from our CSA each week and we finally had enough to make a batch of pickled red beets.    I love beets and of course, anything pickled, but what I love enough more is  using the brine from the pickled beets to make red beet eggs.

pickled beets

I have made this recipe so many times before and it never fails to turn out.   I use cardamom as my spice, I just love how it plays against the earthiness of the beets, but you can use whatever makes you happy!   Since I use as much of the beet cooking water as I can to make an excess of brine, I prefer to peel the beets before cooking.  If you don’t peel them first, the last little bit of water in the pan is mostly dirt and skin, but if you are not making pickled beets, feel free to follow the recipe as written.  Anyway, once the beets were canned, I turned my attention to boiling up a batch of eggs and submerging them in the brine.   I have a friend at work who shares my obsession with pickled eggs, so I made him a batch and a batch for myself.  He ate all six of his in one siting, I have been savoring mine for three whole days.  Good thing I made tons of brine and froze it, all I have to do is boil up some eggs and defrost the brine anytime the mood strikes me.

Pickled Eggs

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