Steak and Carrots

I picked up a couple of NY Strip Steaks for dinner this week.   The weather is starting to turn cooler, and in our house, that means more steak on the grill.

steak and pots

I steamed the carrots from our CSA and baked off some potatoes.   The little girl next store helped me peel the carrots, she liked helping, but could not, for the life of her, understand why anyone would eat a vegetable when you have a perfectly good steak on your plate.  She and my husband share a love of all things protein and starch.   He was in complete agreement that we only needed the potato and steak.  I comprised by glazing the carrots in butter and brown sugar after them were steamed.   He loves glazed carrots.   Sigh… in the world did I marry a man who doesn’t love vegetables as much as me? What was I thinking?  Anyway, after pulling his steak off the grill, he doused it in steak sauce, slathered butter on his potato and dug in.   The little one next store stayed to visit with us while we ate, she had already had her dinner of macaroni and cheese and sausage, so she was content with just regaling us with stories of her sisters soccer triumphs.   Her parents keep threatening to charge us for the nightly entertainment.  I get even by sending their kids home with tons of candy.  I figure it is a fair trade…..

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