Peppers Peppers Everywhere….

We have been pulling lots and lots of peppers from our garden lately.  Peppers have surpasses zucchini as the vegetable I am most harvesting.   To that end, I wanted to make something for dinner that would use up the plethora of peppers we had piling up on the counter.

I settled on Chicken Fajita’s.   I marinated the meat in citrus and garlic and sliced up a boatload of onions and peppers.  I tossed the vegetables with a bit of olive oil and Penzey’s Arizona Dreaming spice mixture before loading them into a disposable aluminum pan.  I like that the Arizona Dreaming spice is salt free, so many spice blends are loaded with salt, I love that this one allows me to control how much salt we are consuming.

chx fajita

I cooked everything out on the grill, the meat and the vegetables.  I even used the side burner of our grill to make the rice. Dinner was done in a flash and was really tasty.  We are both big fans of Tex-Mex and Mexican food in our house so any excuse to make a dinner that includes those flavors is always the right decision!

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