Summer Sandwich

Nothing says summer to me quite like a tomato sandwich.  I picked two tomatoes from the garden, toasted up some bread, slathered it with a bit of may, sliced up the tomatoes, shingled them on the bread, and dug in.

tomato sandwich

All you need is a bit of salt and pepper and a tall glass of iced tea and you have the perfect summer lunch.  The tomatoes were perfectly ripe, juicy, and bursting with flavor.  It is amazing how different a fresh picked tomato tastes verse the ones you buy at the store in the dead of winter.  I dream about tomato sandwiches all winter long.  I think I have eaten one every other day for the past two weeks.  Thank goodness I am getting plenty of tomatoes from the garden right now.  I have no intention of slowing my tomato consumption until all I have left on the vine at the end of the season are green tomatoes.  Once that happens, I have promised my neighbor I will make her pickled green tomatoes.  Until then, tomato sandwiches for all! Or if you don’t want to wait for bread to toast, sliced tomatoes with a side of mayo makes a perfectly accepted substitute!

tomatoes with mayo

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