I’m Back…..

WHEW, we spend a lovely, fun filed week at in the Outer Banks and I never wanted to come home.   The house we rented with friends was right on the beach and every morning I had this view of the sunrise….

monday sunrise Tuesday sunrise

Amazing views, it was a lovely time to be down in the outer banks, the season is starting wind down so the roads, stores, and restaurants were a bit less crowded.   Just the sound of the waves hitting the beach every day is enough to send me into total relaxation.   We saw dolphins every day and most mornings we were greeted by a family of deer who liked to hang out in the woods near our rental.   I cooked all but two of the nights at the beach, but I only took one shot of our food and it wasn’t even of a finished plate, just the steaks before they hit the grill. This was the best stocked house we have ever rented in the outer banks.  The place was just lovely and I full intend on writing both the rental company and the owners about our experience.  For the first time, we are considering renting the same house for next year, it was just that fantastic!

OBX 2015 094 OBX 2015 095

Luckily, the group I was with vacations well together.  We are all early risers and most of us like to start our day with some form of exercise, so I had plenty of company on my daily walks.  We had one guy who flat-out refused to exercise while on vacation, he said it deliberately didn’t pack sneakers so he wouldn’t be tempted to even attempt any exercise.  You have to love that kind of dedication to relaxation!  I can honestly say, I truly needed a vacation, and this one was absolutely perfect.

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