Bone In Steaks

The weather is starting to change, much to my dismay, but it does mean a change in our eating habits.    I found two bone in NY Strip Steaks on sale at the local grocery, and since the temperature wasn’t scorching, I figured they would be the perfect choice for dinner.  We both prefer meat on the bone, it just tastes better and better yet, it is usually cheaper!

steak and corn

I swung by the farm stand and picked up some corn and a head of cabbage.   I steamed the corn and made cabbage on the grill, a dish my mother gave me the recipe for a few years back.  It is dead easy and so delicious, just shredded cabbage simmered in cream and a little butter.   It mellows the cabbage and sweetens it beautifully.  Of course, anything cooked in heavy cream is amazingly delicious, but it does help that the hubby and I happen to love cabbage! It was a nice meal to transition back into the work week.

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