CSA 2015, Week 13

Before heading to the Outer Banks, I picked up our CSA share. Knowing we wouldn’t be home and some of it would go to waste, I stopped by my niece’s house and dropped most of it off for her and her family to enjoy.

CSA 2015

She and her family recently bought a farm, the one I picked black raspberries at earlier this summer, but they have had their hands full with renovations and didn’t get a chance to put in a garden yet.   I know she will be on that this coming summer, but in the meantime, I thought she would appreciate an opportunity to enjoy some fresh picked veggies. As you can see, we had corn again, along with peppers, carrots, squash, tomatoes, peppers, greens, and watermelon.

As I was leaving, she was prepping some of the veggies for dinner that night.  It made me happy to know that someone was going to enjoy the bounty while we were away.   The kids took me out back to show me some of the chickens they recently purchased.  Some are egg layers and some will be for meat.

OBX 2015 023 OBX 2015 027

They will be adding pigs to the farm in a few weeks so I have  bacon to look forward to in the future! It is so nice to have my niece and her family so close, I have really enjoyed being able to pop over and see the kids.  Now that the weather is turning colder, I am sure I will be dropping off vats of soup for them to enjoy.

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