Chicken Dinner

chx and coleslaw

The head of cabbage I picked up at the farm stand was size huge, so I only used half of it to make the cabbage on the grill.  I used the other half, along with some of the carrots from our CSA to make coleslaw and served it along side some grilled BBQ chicken and finished off the dinner plate with a side of rice.   It was an easy, quick, tasty meal, definitely a summer meal, and with the season starting to wind down, I want to pack all of the flavors of summer into these last few weeks.

We tend to grill all year-long, but our meals tend to be heavier, more meat on the bone, more slow cooking, the easy quick dinners of summer fade to roasted, baked, and simmered instead of grilled with a selection of salads on the side.  I like the change of seasons as it relates to food, I can get easily bored with the same things, over and over, so the variety of new fruits, vegetables, and flavor components appeals to the chef in me.  All that being said, I am clinging to summer with every fiber of my being, it is my favorite season I hate to see it go.  I guess the good news is, it will be back before I know it!

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