Chops and Zucchini

pork and zucchii

I figured this will probably be the last zucchini of the summer, so I went ahead and grilled it alongside some pork chops for dinner.  Might as well enjoy it in its simplest form, grilled with just a hint of olive oil, salt and pepper.  It is honestly our favorite way to eat zucchini and we have had a lot of it this summer.   I added a bit of rice to the mix and called it dinner!

I really needed an easy, quick dinner tonight.  I have just been exhausted, there are a lot of major changes at work, we announced our intention of merging with another university, which means job cuts for some, lots of changing of jobs, workloads, and for some, moving to another campus.   Tension, and excitement, are high around the office.  We have also had a few co workers deal with some pretty tough issues this week, several people have been diagnosed with cancer, one of my favorite professors collapsed in class, and another favorite professor lost her mother to cancer this week.  The good news is we also had two babies born, one is spending some time in NICU, but he should make a full recovery, the other is a beautiful, healthy baby girl.  Both momma’s are doing OK.

All in all, it has been a long week and since I am back to being a department of one, it also means a lot of hours for me.  The good news is my first “event” of the fall semester is under my belt, the PT White Coat Ceremony was this past weekend.  Seventy seven of our students made the transition from their undergraduate years to their professional years and are now working towards their doctoral degrees.  It was a lovely ceremony and the families were thrilled.  The rain held off and we were able to get some fantastic pictures outside.   All in all, not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning at work!

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