Football Tailgating is Back in Season!

The hubby went to the Penn State Game last weekend (thank goodness he skipped the Temple game……) and of course, I had to make them road cookies for the ride home.   Since I had to work that day, I took the easy way out and made blondies.   He was going with a new group of guys that I am not as familiar with, so I kept it simple, I only used a hint of cinnamon in the bars and topped them with dark chocolate chips.


Since it was an early game, I also packed them breakfast for their first tailgate meal.  I whisked up a bunch of eggs and sent them with some cheese, bagels, and bacon.  The hubby made breakfast sandwiches out of them for everyone.   After the game, they like to eat a little something before heading home, so I sent them with burgers, cheese, and chips.   Easy enough that even my husband can’t screw it up.    Thank goodness Penn State won, I am sure they would have preferred a little less rain in the forecast, but has the hubby will tell you, any day spent watching football is a good day.   I was very happy to come home after a long day at work and read while listening to the rain hit the roof.  We both had great afternoons, just in very different ways!

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