CSA 2015, Week 16


Oh my goodness, the summer growing season is winding down. I, for one, am so sorry to see it go.  I love having such an abundance of fresh produce each week.   This should be the last week for tomatoes, I am looking forward to more turnips and greens, with the change in the weather, I find myself craving heartier, more slow cooked meals.  I can’t believe today is the first day of fall, where did the summer go?

As you can see, this week our share included:









Salad Greens

Delicata Squash

The hubby is craving stuffed peppers so I will be using peppers, carrots, and the tomatoes to make those later this week.   I used the watermelon to make myself a watermelon margarita and the salad greens, radishes, and one of the tomatoes went into a salad at dinner one night.

Sadly, my schedule at work will be getting even more intense, so I declined the winter share sign up, the pick up days just don’t work for me.   I will be sad to not see my farming family each week, but they will be selling at the local farmers market, so I will still have an opportunity to pick up produce from them. Happy Fall…

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