Monochromatic Meal

I was really craving pork chops and pierogi for dinner the other night.  I ran into the store to pick up the chops and when I cut through the produce section, I found yellow wax beans, one of my Mommy’s favorite veggies, so I grabbed them. It wasn’t until I was plating the meal, with a slice of seeded italian bread, did I realize just how bland looking my meal was.

mono chromatic meal

I didn’t even take a good photo, I was in such a rush to eat.  I must say, it may not have looked like much on the plate but boy was it good!   The weather has gotten down right chilly around here and I have been craving heartier, heavier meals and this one fit the bill.   It is a good thing that I have so many events coming up at work, I won’t be able to make (or have the time to eat) big, comfort meals for the next two weeks.  I will need to find a way to balance out my love for comfort food and white starches with my exercise plan.   See, this is why summer is better, I am not tempted by luscious, creamy, mashed potatoes with pools of gravy in the summer!  Ah well, I guess this is what will power is for, wish me luck!

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