Halloween Gathering

I decided to host a late lunch/early dinner party at our house for a bunch of friends and family on Saturday.  I feel like my schedule hasn’t allowed me to have any social time lately and I was in the mood to have people over.  With everything that has been going on at work, I feel like I have been burning the candles at both ends lately so I decided to keep the menu simple and not make every single item from scratch.   It was a great plan and one that allowed me to enjoy my company and still feel good about the meal I was putting on the table.

For our main entree, I decided on meatballs in home made sauce.   I ran to the butcher for 4 pounds of meatloaf mix early Saturday morning, once I got home, I started the sauce, then got started on the meatballs.  Once both were done, I transferred half the meatballs and sauce to a crockpot to keep it warm until everyone arrived.  The rest I put in the fridge in case we went through all of the ones in the slow cooker.


I stopped by Corropolese Bakery on Friday afternoon and placed an order for 3 dozen seeded football rolls and a whole tomato pie.  For those of you who don’t live in or around Philly, Tomato Pie is pizza dough, covered with a sweet, thick sauce and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese.  It is usually served room temperature and basically tastes a whole lot better than I can describe here! It is a favorite of adults and kids alike, and I figured it would be a quick easy thing for the kids to eat before heading out to trick or treat.

When I stopped in to pick up the rolls and pie on Saturday afternoon, they had four rolling racks of tomato pie waiting for pick up, it was a beautiful sight!


I love bread and seeded hard rolls are one of my biggest weaknesses!   I had picked up sliced mozzarella and sliced sharp provolone from the grocery store on Friday night.  I put those out alongside the rolls and everyone made their own meatball sandwich for dinner.

Pretzels are always a big hit with the kids, so I ordered a small tray of pretzel bites from The Philly Pretzel Factory.  I rounded out the menu with a small antipasta tray and lots of chips and dip.


Our friends brought buffalo chicken dip and a pumpkin roll for dessert.  I made a batch of rice krispie treats and had a huge vat of candy for everyone to pre game with before the trick or treating began in earnest.

rice krispie treats

I stopped by the farm stand and picked up a gallon of apple cider.  I added a sliced orange and some cinnamon sticks to it and heated it up in my smaller slow cooker.   Off to the side I had a collection of alcohol that you could add to your hot cider.  The favorite this year was the Apple Jack Brandy, but the spiced rum was also a big favorite.   For the kids, I had juice and chocolate milk from Sulomans Dairy.  They make the BEST chocolate milk….hands down!  I think everyone had a good time.

I walked the neighborhood with my neice and her children while they trick or treated and then everyone came back in the house for a second round of meatball sandwiches.   We watched the Temple/Notre Dame game and all in all had a really good time with a great group of people.  It was exactly what I needed to spend my Saturday doing, enjoying the company of a wonderful group of people.   Although, next year there is some talk about a haunted house at our end of the cul de sac……sounds pretty scary to me!

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