Using up my CSA

So for dinner the other night, I tried to use up as much of my CSA as possible, hence, smoked pork chops with roasted butternut squash and salad!

salad smoked chop

I truly hate for any of our produce to go to waste but this year has been a struggle to get through all that we get each week.  I have been working so many hours and the hubby’s travel schedule has been insane.  I was so glad I was able to put this week’s veggies to good use.

I love salad, I could eat it every day, and this one was just perfect.  Slightly bitter greens, vinegary peppers and olives, sweet tomatoes, and creamy, tart blue cheese.  All my favorite salad fixin’s in one plate.

The roasted squash turned out to be amazing, such a perfect fall meal.  The pork chops came from the butcher, he has his own smoke house and you can really tell a difference between his chops and the ones I pick up at the store.  These taste so much better, they are thicker and so tender.  It really is worth the trip to the butcher, that is, whenever I have a free weekend!

I poured myself a glass of apple cider and dug in.  What a great meal, hopefully I am able to put this week’s produce to the same good use, wish me luck!

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