Chicken Stir Fry

Whew, I got a lot of produce with my CSA this week and I did not want to waste a single bit of it.  I decided on a chicken stir fry for dinner on Friday to use up as much as I could.  I was so happy with the results.  I used up a head of napa cabbage, a head of bok choy, three leeks, three carrots, and four turnips.  I added a bag of snow peas and a can of water chestnuts, because I wanted to, and it was delicious!  A bit more green than I like, but the flavor was fantastic and it used up what I had on hand.

stir fry

Honestly, I love making stir fry’s for dinner.  They come together so quickly.  I will admit the prep takes a bit of time, but once you have everything peeled, cleaned and sliced, it is only a matter of minutes before you have dinner on the table.  I chose to marinate the chicken in a store-bought sesame garlic marinate, I used an orange stir fry sauce to keep my life simple.  I have been working way too many hours lately and I decided that taking a little help from the store was better than eating take out.  I couldn’t have been more right, I really needed a meal that was very heavy on veggies.

chx stir fry

I made a batch of sushi rice to put underneath all of those lovely vegetables, and we dug in.  I added a small splash of soy sauce to my plate.  I really like soy sauce and I have to be so careful I don’t over do it, but just a splash made my dinner taste awesome.   Great use of vegetables and a really tasty meal, I couldn’t ask for a better Friday night!

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