Banana Bread

With my work schedule and the hubby’s travel schedule, we had three banana’s in our fruit bowl that were slowing turning a lovely shade of brown.  I didn’t want them to go to waste, so Sunday morning I made a batch of banana bread.

banana bread

I used the recipe out of the King Arthur Flour cookbook and added a boatload of walnuts.  I like walnuts in my banana bread, heck, I like chocolate in my banana bread, but I forgot to include chips when I was mixing the batter!

Anyway, the recipe said it made one loaf.  Since I hadn’t used this recipe before I followed the instructions to the letter.  I ended up with one really BIG loaf of bread, it would have made two nice sized loaves, but as I said, I followed the instructions and baked it off as one loaf.   Next time I am splitting the dough between two of my smaller loaf pans.  Either way, it smelled fantastic when It was baking.  Since I already had a mountain of apple goods in my kitchen, I dropped the loaf and some maple apple jam off to my neighbor. Hopefully they enjoyed it, I know I enjoyed making it!

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