Steak and Potatoes

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I love a good steak.  In fact, if it has been more than a week since I have had a really good cut of beef I get legitimately cranky.

Thank goodness I was able to make it to the local butcher and pick up two beautiful filets for dinner.   Potatoes are always a great side dish and I love the combination of grilled steak and baked potato, I know it is cliché, but it really does taste good together. Then again, when do potatoes not taste good?

11.9.15 002

We had some salad greens from our CSA that were begging to be used up, so our vegetable last night was a tossed salad.  I genuinely enjoy having salad as our vegetable, and thank goodness the hubby agrees. Of course, we differ significantly on what constitutes a salad – for him it is lettuce and croutons, for me – as many veggies as you can fit on the plate and a sprinkling of blue cheese crumbles never hurts.   I rarely take a photo of his salad, because, let’s face it, his salads are BORING, so here is what mine looked like.


Heck, if I add blue cheese crumbles along with the olives and marinated peppers, I rarely add any salad dressing.  The creaminess of the blue cheese and the tangy, vinegary bite of the olives and peppers is all I need. Needless to say, this dinner made me very happy and more than ready to take on another 6 day work week.  This fall semester has been killer!  Three more weeks and finals start.  We have a bit of downtime in late December and come back with a vengeance in early January.  I will need the holiday break to rest up for the coming spring semester. Dinners like this go a long way to keeping me happy and satisfied so I can work an insane amount of hours each week.

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