Stuffed Pork Chops

While I was at the butcher I picked two bone in stuffed pork chops.  The butchers wife makes a homemade bread stuffing and the hubby loves both it and the chops.   I am not a fan of wet bread, so stuffing to me is OK, but it will never be in my top ten of things I like to eat on purpose.

11.15.15 008

I like to bread the chops so they have a crispy, crunchy exterior.  I have to say, this is one time that I cheat and use a store-bought product.  For two chops, it just doesn’t make sense to pull out three plates, make a breading station, and have tons of clean up.  Instead, I grab a box of shake and bake pork chop, wet the chops, toss them in the crumbs and bake at 375 degrees for 45 minutes. Easy, simple and a much faster clean up.

Because I am not a fan of the stuffing, I usually make a second start for me and give my stuffing to my husband.  He is always happy because he is a HUGE fan of two starches at every meal.   I steamed up two small heads of broccoli that came from our last CSA pick up.

This week was our last pick up of the season and while I am sorry that I won’t get to see the farmer’s again until spring, it has been a struggle this year to find the time to pick up the produce and get it all used before it went bad.  The hubby and I have had an extremely busy 2015, here’s hoping 2016 is less stressful and we have more time at home!

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