Grilled Chicken

Our weather has been awesome for late November.  The days have been sunny and mild, the nights have been fairly warm for this time of year.  I have no complaints!   We tend to grill year round, I find we do less of it in the fall and winter but with this weather, the urge to grill outdoors is still alive and kicking.  I picked up some boneless chicken breasts and marinated them before leaving for work.

When I got home, the hubby started the grill for me and I whipped up a batch of Goya Yellow Rice with Corn.  I had some broccoli from our CSA that was begging to be used, so I cut it into florets and steamed it with some cauliflower.

All I needed was to add a small pat of butter to the veggies and dig in!

chx dinner

I hope this weather continues into winter, I am not looking forward to snow, one decent snow fall per year works for me, preferably on a weekend when I don’t have to work….but if I had my way, fall and winter would be just cold enough to make me appreciate spring, without all the icky snow and ice!

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