So when I said the end was in sight…

I should have been more specific, it is in sight, but it is a LONG way down a windy, twisting path, full of long hours, endless meetings and the realization that I am no where near ready for the holidays.  Sigh….

So how was everyone’s turkey day?  We had a friendsgiving this year with my friend Cat and her hubby.  It was a relaxing day filled with fun, food, and laughter.  They brought their baby, Abby, a beautiful, and beautifully well behaved rescue puppy.

We had food out all day, soup on the stove in the afternoon, lots of snacks for football watching and a full Thanksgiving day meal.   Since I was having three turkey dinners that week, I decided to change things up a bit so I wouldn’t get bored.

I started with a roasted corn chowder, followed by a smoked turkey, a sweet potato gratin, mashed potatoes, gravy, homemade cranberry sauce, homemade bread, and green beans.

For dessert we had pumpkin pie spice toffee and pumpkin cheesecake.  I think all of us went to bed so full, we couldn’t have moved if we wanted to.  I didn’t take many pictures this year, things were so hectic leading up to the holiday and I wanted to spend my time concentrating on friends and food.  Here are a few shots of our day….

spinach dipcorn chowderpumpkin pie spice brittle

From top to bottom, we have spinach dip, roasted corn chowder soup, and the toffee.

Thankfully our friends were able to spend the night.  We slept in and had butter milk waffles, bacon, and eggs for breakfast along with some homemade pumpkin bread.  It was a truly relaxing turkey day and I am so grateful Cat and her hubby were able to spend it with us.

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