Chicken Cutlet

Sunday night after a rather awful day at work, all I wanted to was an easy, somewhat healthy dinner, and a REALLY large glass of wine.  You know those days when if it can go wrong it does…….Sunday was my day.  Thankfully, I was able to correct each issue before our guests noticed, but it made for a long and stressful day.   We had a record number of prospective students on Sunday and I am really excited/hopeful that we will see a lot of them come back in the spring for our Accepted Student Days.

I had planned ahead and picked up a package of thin cut chicken breasts when I grabbed the salad at the store on Saturday.

I came home, breaded the chicken and let it sit while I started the rice.   Once the rice was about half way done, I started pan frying the chicken and I steamed some thin cut green beans.

chx cutlet

It was a really tasty dinner and the hubby was excited to have the leftover chicken as a sandwich on Monday.  He likes to toast a roll, heat up the chicken, top it with a slice of cheese and slather the roll with a bit of mayo and mustard mixed together.   So not only was it a winner, winner, chicken dinner, it was a winning leftover chicken sandwich for lunch on Monday, not too shabby!

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