Salmon with Mushroom Risotto

The hubby is a huge fan of risotto so I thought it would be nice to make risotto to go along side the salmon I was preparing for dinner.  Those of you who know me know I am not a huge fan of fish.  I eat it because it is healthy, but goodness knows I don’t like it.  I figured if I had to suffer by eating fish, I could at least enjoy the side dishes, so I whipped up a mushroom risotto and steamed a small head of cauliflower.

salmon dinner

I find risotto an easy thing to cook, I know some of my friends ( you know who you are…..) think I am completely crazy to make something that needs this level of attention, especially on a weeknight.   Cooking has always been relaxing for me and I don’t mind focusing my attention on the stove after a long day at work.

Because the hubby is not a huge fan mushrooms, it is a texture thing with him, so I diced them really, really finely for this.  I started by sauteing the mushrooms in a bit of olive oil with some finely diced onion.   Once the mushrooms were brown, I added the rice and let that cook for a minute.  I used vegetable stock instead of my normal chicken stock, because I was pairing the risotto with fish.

It turned out really, really delicious, so good in fact, it almost made me forget to eat my fish…..OK, so I didn’t really want to eat my fish, but I did and I think that is all that matters, right?

We love cauliflower, I love roasting it, but at times, a perfectly steamed heat of cauliflower with a hint of butter just hits the spot.


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