December Birthday Lunch

We only have one December birthday baby in our office, and she was very clear that the only thing she HAD TO HAVE for her birthday lunch was a store bought ice cream cake.  She was leaving the rest of the menu up to me because there isn’t anything she won’t eat.

Because of my insane work schedule, I knew I needed to make something that was easy to prepare, that I could make with my eyes closed, and preferably only one hot item so I didn’t have to bring in a ton of equipment.   My original thought was chili, I could bring in some cornbread muffins, a ton of toppings, and call it a day, but we had chili at our tailgate the weekend before and I didn’t want to eat the same thing twice in one week.

On my way home one night, I thought, heck, the sloppy joe’s I just made are awesome and I could pair that with some coleslaw, macaroni salad, some chips and dip.  I called Courtney and asked if she liked sloppy joe’s and got a resounding YES!

blog post 12.7.15 026

We have one vegetarian among us and I knew I could make the same meal for her, just use soy crumbles instead of meat.  I had two pans going on the stove, one with beef, one with soy.  It worked out beautifully, I was able to chop and drop into both pans and while they simmered, I threw together a batch of macaroni salad and coleslaw.   I was really thankful she wanted a store bought ice cream cake.  I had actually picked that up a few days before and stashed it in the freezer at work.  I brought in my slow cooker the day before the lunch and picked up two different types of dip, several bags of chips, and some potato rolls.

The sloppy joe’s were a big hit!  When I got to work, I poured the beef joe’s into my crock pot and set them on low to heat through before lunch.  The vegan joe’s I was able to heat in the microwave just before serving.  Two of our work study students were in the office so we invited them to join us.  It was a lovely way to spend our lunch hour, enjoying good food and good company.

I say this with peace and love, THANK GOODNESS THERE ARE NO JANUARY BIRTHDAYS!  We have quite a few February birthdays so it should be an exciting lunch, I wonder if they will all agree on a menu or if it will be a mismosh of food items.  Stay tuned…..



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