Roast Chicken and Broccoli

Friday was my fourteenth day at work. I was tired and craving a good, comfort food style meal.   Because I have been putting in an insane amount of hours, I decided to spoil myself and only work a standard office day, you know, a measly 8 hours instead of 12 to 14.  I had gotten to work really early for an event so when 2:30pm rolled around, I grabbed my stuff and headed out the door.

It was amazing to leave work while the sun was still out, it is one of the things I miss the most about summer.  I am a girl who craves the sun and winter is tough on me.  Most days I am at work before the sun rises and I am not leaving until it is pitch dark outside.  At least I have an amazing view in my new office, my windows give me an awesome view of the morning sunrise.   My building is located across the street from one of the oldest cemeteries in Philly and the sun rising over the river and bathing those old monuments and tombstones in warm rays of light is a beautiful, and to me, peaceful sight. I love taking a moment to sip my tea and watch the sun slip from up from the horizon, the dawn of a new day always brings me renewed hope and puts me in a good mood.  No matter what has happened the day before, or for that matter, the night before, the sun will rise again offering us a new day, a new chance to start again.

Because it was so darn early in the day, I was able to stop at the store on my way home and picked up some bone in chicken breasts and a small head of broccoli.   I knew I had some packaged rice at home to round out the meal.  I really wanted to nice loaf of bread, but with the holidays right around the corner, I am trying to be extra good so I don’t pack on the dreaded holiday pounds!

I roasted the chicken on a bed of sliced onions and apples.  I seasoned them with salt, pepper, and a greek seasoning blend that I bought from Penzey’s spice company.   I added 8 ounces of chicken stock to the pan and let it cook for approximately 45 minutes.  The whole house smelled amazing.  There is just something so elementally inviting about a house when you have roast chicken in the oven.

roast chx and broccoli

I am so glad I choose broccoli, after I put my plate together I realized the colors were a bit boring and really needed the pop of color that the broccoli was able to provide!

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