Happy New Year!

Can you believe 2015 is over? I can’t, where did the year go?  It went by far to fast for me.  Anyway, we elected not to go out on New Year’s Eve, which was an amazing decision as far as the hubby was concerned.  I mean, for goodness sake, there were three bowl games to be watched last night!

I started my day with a nice walk through the neighborhood.  I really hate to exercise and I find that if I don’t get up and exercise, the odds of it happening that day are slim to none.   After my nice long walk, I had a dentist appointment and ran a few errands.   I got home, unloaded my loot and relaxed for about a half hour.  I was smart enough to schedule a massage appointment for 1pm yesterday.  This is the second year in a row that I have gone for a massage on New Years Eve and it is a fantastic way to end the year, I highly recommend it!

After the massage I came home and started baking.   I made a flourless chocolate torte, banana bread, blueberry ricotta bread, and a fresh raspberry coulis (to use on top of the torte).  Once I finished all of that, I started prepping dinner.

I texted a friend of mine and told her I was channeling my inner greek and having a rack of lamb for dinner.  I used the Penzey’s Greek Spice Blend on the meat and the hubby grilled it for me.   I picked up a batch of fresh string beans at the store and made a potato gratin with gruyere cheese.

We finished the night with a slice of the torte, topped with some of the fresh raspberry coulis.

choc torte with raspberry coulis

The cake was really dense and very chocolately, but it had a pronounced coffee flavor (the recipe called for one cup of strongly brewed coffee).  I am not  a fan of coffee so the dessert for me was just ho hum, but the hubby, who is a coffee aficionado, LOVED it.  Thankfully, this means I won’t be having a second piece, I will leave it all for him to enjoy!

I feel asleep before midnight, but the hubby was kind enough to wake me so he could wish me a happy new year.  For those of you who know me, yes, I did think about smacking him for waking me….and yes, I have been up since midnight.  I am thinking there is a nap in my future this afternoon! I hope all of you had a lovely, and safe,  New Year’s Eve.  Happy 2016!

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