Grilled Chicken and Rice

One of the nice things about the Christmas holiday is that I have some time off and the hubby is usually working from home.   We actually get to spend some time together and enjoy a slew of home cooked meals.  Since the weather has been warm, albeit rainy, we have been putting our grill to work most nights.

I marinated some boneless, skinless chicken in a teriyaki marinade and the hubby grilled it for me while I steamed up a batch of white rice and thin cut green beans.

chx and rice

The marinade made the chicken both flavorful and tender.   This is the hubby’s plate, the boy loves his rice, I keep telling him, he needs to eat more vegetables, less starch and protein, but it falls on deaf ears!  My plate looked decidedly different, only half a chicken breast, a small scoop of rice and a ton of green beans.  Ah well, the difference between men and women, I guess!  It was a nice change from the heavy, calorie laden holiday meals.   Not saying I didn’t enjoy every single bite of those heavy, calorie laden meals, because I totally did, but now I need to get my eating back on track!

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