New Year’s Day Breakfast

I asked the hubby what he would prefer for breakfast on New Year’s Day and I gave him the choice of bacon and eggs or creamed dried  beef on toast.  Surprisingly, he choose the creamed dried beef on toast.  I was really expecting to have bacon on January 1st!

It has been awhile since I made creamed dried beef (or SOS as my Dad refers to it!), and I guess I forgot how easy it is to make.

New Year Breakfast

I started by ripping the beef into bite size pieces, then frying the up in a little butter.   I added two minced garlic cloves and deglazed the pan with a splash of sherry.   I sprinkled flour over the meat and cooked it for one minute.   I added the milk, brought it to a boil and turned it down to a simmer and let it cook for 30 minutes.

While the creamed dried beef was cooking I fried up a couple of potatoes and made toast.  This is a picture of the hubby’s plate.  I love creamed dried beef and goodness knows toast is one of my top ten favorite foods of all time, but I don’t like the two together.  I eat mine separately, I know, I have issues! Regardless of how you eat it, it tasted fantastic and I was so glad we had it for our New Year’s breakfast.

I have been reading up on the Bon Appetit 2016 Food Lover’s Cleanse and while I won’t be following their plan exactly, too much seafood and soy for me, I do plan on trying to incorporate more vegetables, less starches, and more meatless meals for 2016.   Wish me luck!

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