Milk Braised Pork Loin

For the last few years I have been reading about Marcella Hazan’s recipe for pork braised in milk.  Every single review I have read said how amazing it was, so finally, I got around to trying it and OH MY GOODNESS – you HAVE got to make this recipe.  It was delicious, the pork was tender the milk made this rich, flavorful sauce, and it really was ridiculously easy to make.

Essentially, there are two ingredients to this recipe, pork and milk.   You start by seasoning the meat with salt and pepper, then browning it on all sides in a combination of butter and vegetable oil.

pork braised in milk

You add the milk in stages, one cup at a time, until the liquid has evaporated and all you are left with are delicious nut brown curds.   I have Marcella Hazan’s cookbook,  and the descriptions of how food should look at each stage are so easy to understand.  It really is a great book, if you are at all interested in Italian cooking, I highly recommend it.

I served the pork with mashed potatoes, home made sauerkraut, home made applesauce, and spinach sauteed with a ton of garlic.  I opened a jar of pork gravy to go with the mashed potatoes, but I also opted to blend the milk curds from the pan and serve those alongside the pork as well.  AMAZING, the flavor is just out of this world!

New Years Day dinner

The hubby chose to use the pork gravy on instead of the milk curds, a decision he instantly regretted once he got a taste of mine.  Thankfully, there was both pork and sauce left, so I stored them together so the hubby can have them leftover one night this week. Really, I can not recommend this recipe highly enough, it was so good.  I will definitely be making this one again…..soon!


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