Baked Ziti

I had made a huge batch of meat sauce for the lasagna we had at our family Christmas dinner and we didn’t use all of it so I froze it in smaller containers.   I had a tub of ricotta in the fridge and I figured baked ziti would be a quick and easy dinner to throw together this week.

It was a simple matter of defrosting the meat sauce, boiling the noodles, and assembling before sliding it into the oven to bake and get all ooey, gooey, and cheesy.

baked ziti

It was a nice, hot, comforting dinner and as a bonus, it used up so many pantry/freezer items!  I love it when I am able to get a meal that is normally labor intensive, on the dinner table during the week. It makes dinner seem extra special, without all of the fuss and work.  Besides, it is one of the hubby’s favorite meals so he was thrilled!  I have been limiting my carbs, so this was a true indulgence for me, one I was happy to eat, that is for sure.  It was totally worth the extra laps at the gym!

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