Pre Blizzard Dinner

So last night, as the snow started to fall, the hubby and I decided to grill our dinner.  Yes, I know, we are crazy, why do you ask?  Anyway, we had bone in, thick cut, T bone pork chops that were delicious.  I served them with baked potatoes and steamed peas.  It was the perfect night before a blizzard dinner.

pork chops and peas

They are calling for 18″ of snow in our area and it looks like they might not be far off the mark.  We are staying inside today, well, ok, I am inside, in the kitchen, cooking up a storm.  The hubby has been outside with the other husbands shoveling, snowblowing, and drinking beer.

1.23.16 008

The neighbor kids are thrilled – it is the first time they have been able to sled this year!  I am thinking we are going to have our first snow day of the year on Monday.  To all of my friends and family in Arizona who keep sending us reminders about your warm sunny weather – I will think of you all fondly Monday morning when you drag yourselves out of bed and head into work.  I will snuggle down into my flannel sheets and enjoy my snow day!

Here is a picture of the hubby blowing snow while I stayed warm and dry inside the house.

1.23.16 027

Happy Blizzard of 2016, I can’t wait for spring…..

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