Snowy Saturday Breakfast

Saturday morning I decided to fix a big, hearty breakfast before the hubby headed out into the cold to snow blow.  We had a pork chop left over along with two baked potatoes.  Breakfast was ready in a snap.

snowy sat breakfast

I just needed to heat up the chop, fry up the potatoes and scramble a few eggs.  I added toast, because, hello, toast is awesome and we dug in.   I was so full from breakfast, I never ate lunch on Saturday.

After breakfast, I prepped our dinner for Saturday night and made a loaf of banana bread.  The hubby was kind enough to point out that he left me three bananas on the counter for the sole purpose of making him bread.  Wasn’t that so thoughtful of him?

banana bread

I figured it was the least I could do, since, truly, I wasn’t able to leave the house, look at the snow drift on my back door!

1.23.16 033

Really, spring can’t come soon enough people….like tomorrow….that would be really, really awesome….I guess the good news is we survived storm Jonas!

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