Quite a few of my neighbors hunt and one of them was kind enough to share some of his venison with us.  He gave us two thick cut steaks and two packages of ground venison.   I slow cooked one of the steaks the other night for dinner.  I used a store bought marinade, coated the meat with it, placed it in a dish, covered the dish with foil and cooked it for 2 1/2 hours at 300 degrees.   I threw in two potatoes, since the oven was already on, and grabbed a bagged salad mix from the store.


The meat came out fork tender and who doesn’t love a really good baked potato.  I have been craving salads lately, eating one almost each day at lunch, but I still wanted one for dinner.  It is always nice to have salad as our vegetable with dinner.

Full disclosure here folks – I had the hubby start the meat and the potatoes about an hour before I left work.  I pulled out all of the items he would need, including the pan, marinade, and foil.  I cleaned the potatoes and left them on the counter with a knife so he could stab them before tossing them in the oven.  I left very detailed instructions (at 3:45pm, turn the oven on to 300 degrees, open the marinade, put half the bottle in the bottom of the pan, put the steak on top of the marinade….etc., etc.)   When I finally made it home, he informed me that he was exhausted from having to work all day AND make dinner…..

I took pity on him and cleaned up the dishes, really, since there were no leftovers, it was super simple.  I just loaded everything into the dishwasher and ran the sponge over the table to clean it.  I was done within minutes.  Easiest clean up I have had in years.  Of course, I chuckled when he said he was exhausted, for goodness sakes people, I commute 50 miles each way, work a boatload of hours, and I make dinner from scratch every night and the boy was tuckered out from putting two items in the oven….men….


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