Pork and Peas

I picked up two thick cut, bone in, T bone pork chops for dinner.   I browned them in a fry pan, then put them in a baking dish with a can of golden mushroom soup that I had thinned with a bit of water.

pork and peas

I decided to add a batch of mashed potatoes and some steamed peas to the plate.  I really needed my comfort food, I ended up with pink eye this week and while it wasn’t horrible (it was viral, not bacterial, so nothing could be done for it), I still felt the need for fluffy, buttery mashed potatoes.  I mean really, I deserved to be pampered, for goodness sakes, I looked like a walking nightmare with my blood shoot and swollen eyes.

My co workers were less than thrilled that I came into work… oh well…I am back to being a department of one so I didn’t really have a choice.  I was kind enough to stay in my office and not bother a soul, but they were all paranoid about getting the creeping crude AKA pink eye.   Lucky for them, they were all spared and I healed up in about 3 days.   At least I had mashed potatoes to keep me sane, I mean, really, am I expected to deal with pink eye AND eat healthy?  That is just adding insult to injury if you ask me!

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